- April 20, 2021


IT consulting

It is the product of an ambitious business vision that becomes real thanks to the pragmatic use of technology.

This belief runs through everything we do:

      • Technical expertise
      • IT master plan
      • Definition of technological strategy
      • Architecture files
      • 360° audits of IS and applications
      • Performance testing
      • Agile and Lean IT methodology adoption advice

Remote Server Administration

SOFSYSTEM Consulting provides expert solutions for all your Linux system administration needs, including:

      • Remote server administration
      • Co-located/remote hosted server management
      • System troubleshooting & debugging
      • Network management (LAN/WAN)
      • Disaster recovery
      • Security auditing & hardening
      • Software installation & configuration
      • File & directory services, NFS
      • Kernel rebuilds & module management
      • Backup planning & implementation
      • Perl-Shell-CGI-system scripting
      • Performance tuning
      • Emergency support (24/7)

Linux Consulting

Our experts provide technical support, lead and project management support for:

We are available for consultation on-site, via the phone, or via remote access. One of our specialties is the removal of Hackers from servers and networks. Call us today.

      • Linux Consulting, Configuration and Administration
      • System Security
      • Network Security
      • Unix Consulting, Performance and Capacity Planning
      • DNS – Redundant hosting solutions, GnuDiP, Dynamic updated hosting solutions
      • Networking – Network Analysis, Design and Troubleshooting
      • Sendmail configurations, Anti-Relaying, and Secure Solutions
      • Enterprise Management and Monitoring solutions
      • Database Administration, design, and development
      • Security Auditing
      • Penetration Testing
      • Firewalls, ipchains, iptables …
      • Computer Forensics – Rootkit, Malware and Intrusion investigation

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